Best 7.3 Valve Cover Gasket [Review & Expert Choices]

Best 7.3 Valve Cover Gasket

Although fluid leaks from modern engines are less common than the engines of 20 years ago, however, failures of the valve cover gaskets are the most common cause of engine oil leaks throughout the world, and 7.3 is also no exception. As a result, engine oil (mixture of hydrocarbons, polyalphaolefins and ester) leaks can be a nightmare sometimes if they remain untreated.

In such situations, the best 7.3 valve cover gasket can help you eliminate the problem. You can efficiently seal the car’s oil flow with a component gasket, preventing oil leaks. In addition, this small part ensures the healthy condition of your car engine.

Here is a comprehensive guide regarding which valve cover to buy a gasket to prolong your vehicle’s engine life.


What is the Best 7.3 Valve Cover Gasket?

Best Overall: LIYauto Powerstroke Diesel Valve Cover Gasket

Value for Money: SWISS Part Valve Cover Gasket

Best for Ease of Installation: Michigan Diesel 7.3 Powerstroke Valve Cover Gasket

Best Reliable Performance: WMPHE 2 Valve Cover Gaskets

Best Economical Option: VOWAGH Valve Cover Gaskets

Best for Extreme Conditions: Dorman 615-201 Engine Valve Cover Gasket

Best for Durability: AutoGrills 7.3L Valve Cover gasket


Comparison Chart – Best 7.3 Valve Cover Gasket

Product Name It’s Best for Compatible Model Replacement Part No. Included Accessories
LIYauto Powerstorke Diesel Valve Cover Gasket Overall 1999-03 Ford E250 1998 Ford E250 1998 Ford E350 1999-03 Ford E350 2000-03 Ford Excursion 1999-03 Ford F250 Super Duty Truck 1999-03 Ford F350 Super Duty Truck F81Z-6584-AA, F81Z-9D930-AB, 615-201 2 4 Connector Pigtails, 16 Heat Shrink Butt Connectors
SWISS Part Valve Cover Gasket Value For Money 1994-1997 F-250 F-350 F-450 F-550 Super Duty / Super Cab -With 7.3L Diesel Engines, 1994-1997 Econoline / Club Wagon / Super Wagon, E-250 E-350 E-450 E-550 F81Z-6584-AA, F81Z-9D930-AB, DRX00138
Dual Integral Fuel Injector Connectors, Correct Outer Connector Plug with Pigtail Harness


Michigan Diesel 7.3 Powerstroke Valve Cover Gasket Ease of Installation Ford 1994-1997 7.3L Diesel Engines F4TZ-9D930-K, F4TZ-6584-A, 615-202 Dual integral fuel injector connectors, 4 X Connectors Plugs
WMPHE 2 Valve Cover Gaskets Reliable Performance Ford F250 F350 E250 E350 Diesel Powerstroke 7.3L 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 F81Z-12B533-AC, F7TZ-12B533-CA3, F7TZ-12B533-A3 2 X Inner Injector, 1 X Glow Plug Relay, 8 X Dual Coil Glow Plugs


VOWAGH Valve Cover Gaskets Economical Option 1998-2002 Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon, 1998 Ford E-350 Econoline, 1999-2003 Ford F-350 F-450 F-550 Super Duty, 1999-2003 Ford F-250 E-350 Super Duty, 2001-2003 Ford Excursion, 2003 E-350 Ford Club Wagon


1379998, 615-201, F81Z6584AA Dual Integral Fuel Injector Connectors, 2 X Correct Outer Connector Plug with Pigtail Harness for Splicing


Dorman 615-201 Engine Valve Cover Gasket Extreme Conditions Ford E-350 Club Wagon: 2003, 2004, Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, Ford E-350 Econoline: 1998 F81Z6584AA; F81Z9D930AB Dual integral fuel injector connectors
AutoGrills 7.3L Valve Cover gasket Durability  

1994-1997(early 1997) Ford Powerstroke 7.3L, TRUCK F-350 F-250 E-350, for 1996 1997 FORD TRUCK F-250, for 1994 FORD TRUCK F-250 F-350 F SUPER DUTY, for 1994 1995 FORD TRUCK F-250

F4TZ-9D930-K, F4TZ-6584-A Dual integral fuel injector connectors, 4 X Connectors Plugs




What Are the Types of Valve Cover Gasket?

Depending on the build materials and quality, you will find 3 different types of valve cover gasket in the market.

Silicone Valve Rubber Cover Gasket

This is the most commonly used valve cover gasket. The best thing about these types is that they are effortless to install for their smoothness and flexibility. Reusing them is also possible as they are much more durable than the other two types. They are suitable for old and classic cars.

Cork Valve Rubber Cover Gasket

Cork valve rubber cover gaskets are well-known for their strong sealing capability. They are designed to deliver extreme seal-ability, yet you can’t reuse them. Also, professional assistance is a must if you plan to install them in your vehicle. Moral force is necessary to tighten them when installing.

Hybrid Valve Cover Gasket

Few hybrid models of valve cover gaskets are available, delivering reliable, trusted performance. Steel cover and laminated cork constructed cover gasket is such type, offering great seal. Modern composite gaskets are another type that is made of premium quality materials.

What Are the Benefits of Valve Cover Gasket?

A valve cover gasket is a protective material designed to make sure that the valve cover properly seals the cylinder. As a result, engine parts’ overheating, carburation, and surface oxidation can easily be prevented.

Here are a few benefits of valve cover gaskets,

  • Prevent engine oil from leaking from between the valve cover and the cylinder head
  • Water, dirt, and other contaminants can’t enter the engine through the gap between the valve cover and cylinder head
  • Maintains sealing properties under constant vibration
  • Retains their shape and resilience during extreme temperature swings

With the above benefits, valve cover gaskets increase the shelf life of an engine, improving performance in different weather conditions. We can recommend you some best quality BOV.


7 Best 7.3 Valve Cover Gaskets Reviews 2022

We reviewed the best brand and model for you after doing exclusive research. Continue reading the whole review section intently.

1# Best Overall: LIYauto Powerstroke Diesel Valve Cover Gasket


Dimension 23.1�? X 8.7�? X 1.5�?

Material OEM

Resistant to Water Yes

Resistant to Heat and Oil Yes


The LIYauto Diesel Valve Cover Gasket is ideal for your Ford 7.3 Powerstroke. Made of high-quality materials, it ensures quality seals and performance. Moreover, the accuracy of this valve cover gasket is also promised.

Bet 7.3 Valve Cover gasket

In order to give excellent results, they are tested rigorously by the manufacturer’s experts and built following strict quality control standards. This valve cover gasket is for both the right and left sides and is available with 2 4 connector pigtails and 16 heat shrink butt connectors. Both connectors create waterproof electrical connections easily.

With excellent durability, its flexibility is pretty outstanding. The frame of the gasket is a combo of 33% pet and 67% nylon material. The primary material of the gasket is fluorocarbon. Characteristically, this material is more abrasion-resistant. It doesn’t get absorbed by water, making it waterproof. Additionally, it resists lubricants, greases, heat, oil, etc., quite efficiently.

Changing the whole gasket becomes unnecessary when the glow plug harness breaks down. All you need to do is directly open and adjust the saddle. Interestingly, you won’t have to break your bank to buy this unit for its affordable price.

Every vehicle creates a high temperature under the hood. Its heat-resistant feature allows it to adapt quickly to the car’s speed. At the same time, it withstands corrosion and rust, confirming the longevity and performance of the gasket.


  • It comes with waterproof connectors
  • High-quality materials construction
  • Resists water, heat, and oil
  • A valve cover gasket set of both right and left side
  • Maintains quality standards strictly


  • The wires are not well-organized

2# Value for Money: SWISS Part Valve Cover Gasket


Package Dimensions 21.65�? X 8.27�? X 0.39�?

Material OEM

Resistant to Water Yes

Resistant to Heat and Oil Yes

By installing the SWISS Part Valve Cover Gasket, you can be assured that engine oil leakage is permanently solved. Improved sealing technology of this gasket prevents all types of leaks. It is a type of quality that you can always trust. This is a set of 2-pieces harness kits right and left side, valve cover gasket kit, and injector plugs.

Bet 7.3 Valve Cover gasket

This unit will fit perfectly and function properly where the manufacturer recommends. All the model components meet and exceed OEM specifications, ensuring that the model will work perfectly. Although it is compatible with a direct replacement, it would be best to call a professional for installing purposes.

Initially, the harness may deliver delicate performance, but you will get charismatic results from the valve cover gasket over time. Due to its quality build is highly efficient in resisting high temperature, rust, and corrosion.

Additionally, you can seal many spark plug ports using this model. It also fills your crankcase so that your PCV valve works properly. Since the 7.3L engine is tightly sealed, the engine works proficiently for many days. It also protects against dust particles entering the machine.


  • Delivers high heat and corrosion-resistant performance
  • Maintains OEM standards and specifications
  • Used harness prevents short circuit
  • Constructed of top-notch materials
  • Stops oil, grease, and other fluids leakage


  • Without professional help, installation is difficult.

3# Best for Ease of Installation: Michigan Diesel 7.3 Powerstroke Valve Cover Gasket


Dimension 23.6�? X 8.8�? X 1.6�?

Material Rubber

Resistant to Water Yes

Resistant to Heat and Oil Yes


Don’t look further when replacing the stock gasket of your vehicle’s valve cover; buy the Michigan Diesel 7.3 Powerstroke Valve Cover Gasket. It is a specific model to the Ford 1994-1997 7.3L Diesel Engines and replacement for F4TZ-9D930-K, F4TZ-6584-A, 615-202. The gasket set fits like a glove, letting you avoid hassle-free installation.

Bet 7.3 Valve Cover gasket

Most vehicle owners prefer it for its reliable performance in preventing oil leakage from the engine. In addition, the sealing capability of the gasket is so effective that you will barely face oil leaks after installing it. Thus, overall oil consumption will reduce, and your car will deliver efficient performance.

Simultaneously, it blocks dirt, dust, water, grease, and other small particles from entering inside of the engine. These impurities are the worst enemies of the engine, reducing the overall efficiency of a vehicle. Preventing these harmful particles means your vehicle engine will run cooler, reducing the chance of overheating.

It features 2 gasket kits for 7.3L Diesel engines. Accessing them from both the right and the left sides is quite convenient. They will efficiently survive high pressure, rust and corrosion. Professionals test its performance before unleashing it in the market for selling. So you will never regret buying this unit.


  • Effortless replacement and installation
  • Flawless performance in preventing oil leakage
  • Blocks dust and dirt from entering the engine
  • Easy to access on both left and right side
  • Survives high heat and pressure


  • Sometimes, you may face leaks through connectors

4# Best Reliable Performance: WMPHE 2 Valve Cover Gaskets


Dimension 23.8�? X 8.9�? X 1.57�?

Material Plastic, Alloy, and Copper Wire

Resistant to Water Yes

Resistant to Heat and Oil Yes

The WMPHE 2 Valve Cover Gaskets are another reliable set from the manufacturer WMPHE. This brand knows the anatomy of the Ford engine and engineered these gaskets according to the engine’s specifications. This will surely be a deal-breaker if you are looking for valve cover gaskets to minimize oil leakage from your 7.3L engine.

Bet 7.3 Valve Cover gasket

Durability is the most satisfying feature of this valve cover gasket. The components used in this set are plastic, alloy, and aluminum. The combination of these materials makes it much more reliable than other valve cover gaskets.

Being a plastic constructed unit, don’t assume it performs poorly against high temperature. The truth is, you will barely find such a high-heat-resistant valve cover gasket at its price range. Moreover, two harnesses are also available, blocking any short circuit due to misfire. Plus, the plastic frame withstands corrosion.

The simple mechanism makes it easy to install and remove the gasket set. It fits in place without making trouble and functions at its best. Besides, you will have a worry-free mind knowing that you installed the best 7.3 valve cover gaskets. You will always get the best performance for sure.


  • It is an excellent fit for 7.3L engines
  • Easy to replace; simply remove the stock part for installing it
  • The unit works as genuine parts and delivers efficient performance
  • The manufacturer strictly maintains quality standards
  • It makes your car sensor’s performance stable when driving


  • Professional help is a must for installing

5# Best Economical Option: VOWAGH Valve Cover Gaskets


Package Dimensions 23.62�? X 8.66�? X 1.57�?

Material OEM

Resistant to Water Yes

Resistant to Heat and Oil Yes

If you are looking for an efficient option to seal valve oil leaks, the VOWAGH Valve Cover Gaskets will meet your requirements. The gaskets and the included glow plug harness set are made of high-quality materials, allowing them to resist oil and heat effectively. This way, your engine gives many years of proficient service.

Bet 7.3 Valve Cover gasket

This set is much more efficient than any other valve cover gaskets. Some clips are available for the injectors. These clips are greatly functional and significantly shaped, accurately and adequately holding the injectors in place. As a result, the valve cover gasket performs more efficiently.

Its glow plug wires are the exact size, allowing you to seat the gaskets easily in your 7.3L engine. Moreover, the clip includes metal that lets the glow plug place and hold snugly. Finally, it comes with everything to get the installation job done conveniently. However, we recommend you hire professionals for installation purposes.

High caliber materials construction supports its longevity and performance under the hood. In addition, advanced sealing technology prevents engine oil leaking issues, and you will never experience any more leaky spots. Overall, it is an excellent and economical product, effectively sealing all leaks.


  • Oil and heat resistant high-quality materials
  • Impressively functional valve cover gasket
  • Great glow plug wires
  • Efficient and economical option for 7.3L engine
  • Single external connector gasket design


  • Without professional help, installation is challenging

6# Best for Extreme Conditions: Dorman 615-201 Engine Valve Cover Gasket


Package Dimensions 23.6�? X 8.3�? X 2.1�?

Material Silicone

Resistant to Water Yes

Resistant to Heat and Oil Yes

Engine oil leaking significantly impacts the efficiency of a 7.3L engine. Install the Dorman 615-201 Engine Valve Cover Gasket to eliminate these issues. This unit will greatly minimize oil leaks and promote engine performance. It is also validated for proper function and fit. The model comes from top manufacturers, which means quality is assured.

Bet 7.3 Valve Cover gasket

Durable materials are used in manufacturing the unit. As a result, it creates a long-lasting and reliable seal. For its impressive sealing performance, oil, grease, and other liquids can’t leak from the engine and other parts, resulting in long-term performance.

If your budget is tight, it will be an ideal solution. It will give you the best performance worth every buck spent on it. No other valve cover gaskets can provide such efficiency, and they are made of premium-quality materials to facilitate their quality performance.

The manufacturer maintains every quality standard before releasing it to the market. It is designed to deliver solutions and is focused on providing installers and owners. All in all, it offers a prolonged seal under extreme under hood conditions.


  • Manufactured with impressive quality
  • Great for sealing leaks in the engine
  • Application-specific design
  • You will not find leaky spots after installing
  • Meets OEM standards and specifications


  • Not made in the USA, which is a big deal for some users

7# Best for Durability: AutoGrills 7.3L Valve Cover Gasket


Dimension 23.5�? X 9.6�? X 1.5�?

Material Rubber

Resistant to Water Yes

Resistant to Heat and Oil Yes


The AutoGrills 7.3L valve cover gasket is ideal for direct replacement. This set has many things in the pack, including dual integral fuel injector connectors and 4 connector plugs. You will get promised performance from the set since the manufacturer strictly maintains quality control. It is engineered for 1994-1997(early 1997) Ford Powerstroke 7.3L.

Bet 7.3 Valve Cover gasket

Installation of the unit is straightforward due to its included injector glow plug wiring harness kit. You can use it to replace the valve cover from the cylinder head to the cylinder head without hesitation. Its performance in sealing oil or any leaks will give you peace of mind.

High-quality material is used in manufacturing the valve cover gasket. Thus, oil and heat can’t damage the unit. After installing this device, you will experience significant improvement in the overall performance of your vehicle. Moreover, the gasket helps you prevent expensive and detrimental issues.

Whoever used it claimed it was the best thing that ever worked for their vehicle. As the gasket uses high-quality material, it is expected to deliver many years of service. Price is another essential feature that will also put a smile on your face because of its reasonable price point.


  • Suitable for direct replacement
  • Necessary accessories are included for easy installation
  • Made from high-caliber materials
  • Offers many years of service
  • Oil, water, grease, etc. can’t damage the unit


  • The parts are not OEM

Considerations Before Buying the Best 7.3 Valve Cover Gasket

The manufacturer built different valve cover gaskets based on the car types and sizes. That is why knowing the factor playing a vital role in making a precise buying decision is essential.

Let’s learn the crucial factors that must be considered before buying the best 7.3 valve cover gasket.


Frequent replacing of the valve cover is difficult. Moreover, it can sometimes be harmful to your valves. Furthermore, your effort and money will be useless if you do so.

In such a case, it would be best to buy durable valve cover gaskets for long-lasting performance. It will save valuable time, money, and effort. This way, frequent buying of another valve cover gasket can easily be avoided.

Sturdiness plays a crucial role in adjusting and fitting the valve cover gasket with the valve. At the same time, a solidly constructed model resists oil leakage, heat, pressure, rust, and corrosion quite effectively.

Efficient Performance

The prime responsibility of valve cover gaskets is to stop oil leaking from the engine, valve cover, and cylinder head. Simultaneously, component sealing of the nozzle is essential to prevent the entrance of dust and dirt particles. If your selected model cannot do so, your money and effort will go in vain.

So, choose a unit that prevents dust and other particles efficiently from entering inside the valve. Also, remember not to over-tighten the bolts, which will help you evade the malfunction of the valve cover gasket.

Ease of Installation

The installation and removal mechanism should be as straightforward as possible. This will help you save valuable time and money and use right rtv for your gasket.

The easy installation process will let you install the model by yourself. This way, you don’t need to call a professional and let you save a few bucks.

Silicone gaskets are incredibly effortless to install. If you want to do the installation and removal task, these types will be a good solution.



What are the signs of a faulty valve cover gasket?

When you experience the below symptoms, be sure you have a defective valve cover gasket.

  • Oil leakage
  • A slow increase in the oil consumption
  • Poor performance from the engine
  • Misfires
  • Burning smell

You should change the gasket if you want to get rid of the problem. A late response to this problem may cause engine failure.

Should I drive a car with an oil leakage problem?

We recommend you not to drive your vehicle with an oil leakage problem. The best practice is to consult a professional mechanic to identify the root cause and take necessary steps accordingly.

Who are the best 7.3 valve cover gasket brands?

There are several manufacturers available to make top-quality valve cover gaskets. LIYauto, AutoGrills, WMPHE, VOWAGH, SWISS, Felpro, Victor Reinz, etc., are a few popular manufacturers of valve cover gaskets.


Summing Up & Top Pick

We looked at several brands and researched comprehensively to present the best 7.3 valve cover gasket in this guide. The reviewed models are best in their performance and features, keeping your car fit and healthy by sealing oil leaks. Another thing is says the valve cover gasket market will rise within 2027. Besides, says industrial valve cover gasket are making for better fuel economy .So, we also did very positive research to find the best product. You can also check cummins section.

If you are still unsure which model to buy, we recommend buying the LIYauto Powerstroke Diesel Valve Cover Gasket. This model is easy to install and incredibly durable to give you several years of efficient service. Waterproof connectors are available with the set, making it resistant to oil, grease, and other fluids. Moreover, it comes at an affordable price tag.