Best Paint for Valve Cover Review [6 Expert Choices]

Best Paint For Valve Cover Review [6 Expert Choices]

The engine valve cover constantly comes in contact with excessive heat, fluids, etc. As a result, quick wear and tear are common in valve covers. The best paint for valve cover can extend durability and enhance the appearance of the valve cover.

Valve cover paints are exceptionally resistant to high heat and effectively withstand rust, corrosion, salt buildup, etc. Moreover, you can restore the valve cover appearance by applying paint to them.

Continue reading this comprehensive guide to learn everything you need to know about valve cover high heat paint.


What is the Best Paint for Valve Cover?

Best Overall: Rust Oleum 249340 Automotive High Heat Primer Spray Paint

Best for Versatility: DupliColor Engine Paint

Best for Ease of Use: VHT Spray Paint Auto Car Valve Cover

Best for Durability: Dupli-Color EDE160107 DE1601 Engine Paint

Best Rust-resistant Valve Cover Paint: VHT SP204 Valve Cover Wrinkle Plus Coating

Best for Coverage Capacity: VHT ESP135007 Engine Enamel Paint


Comparison Chart: Best Paint for Valve Cover

Product It is Best for Maximum Heat Resistant (°F) Curing Time (Minutes) Surface Recommendation
Rust Oleum 249340 Automotive High Heat Primer Spray Paint 


Overall 2000 30 Metal
DupliColor Engine Paint 


Versatility 500 60 Ceramic
VHT Spray Paint Auto Car Valve Cover 


Ease of Use 


350 30 Metal
Dupli-Color EDE160107 DE1601 Engine Paint 


Durability 500 60 Ceramic
VHT SP204 Valve Cover Wrinkle Plus Coating 


Rust-resistant 350 30 Metal
VHT ESP135007 Engine Enamel Paint 


Coverage Capacity 500 30 Metal


Why Do You Need to Paint Valve Cover?

If your engine valve cover gets rusty in a short time, paint is the best solution to get rid of rust. Along with protection from damage, wear and tear, painting valve cover offers the below benefits.

Protects Against Rust

A properly painted valve cover has an improved ability to resist rust and corrosion. If you live in a wet condition, rust is common. In this case, valve cover paint will give you peace of mind that the cover will not get corroded frequently.

Improves Aestheticism

You can customize the color of the valve cover by applying different-colored paints. Most valve cover paints leave a glossy look after drying. Thus, it catches the eye. However, matte formulations are also available.

Increases Resale Value

The painting valve cover adds an extra WOW factor, impacting the vehicle’s resale value. Applying paint on the valve cover means you are ensuring the durability of the engine, resisting rust buildup. At the same time, using an eye-catchy color is a good option for increasing your vehicle’s resale value.


6 Best Paint for Valve Cover Reviews 2022

A high quality paint for valve cover will significantly improve the durability and appearance of the vehicles under hood accessories. We compiled a list of the best paint for valve cover and reviewed them in this section.

1# Best Overall: Rust-Oleum 249340 Automotive High Heat Primer Spray Paint

Technical Details

Paint Type: Oil

Surface Recommendation: Metal

Specific Uses for Product: Interior/Exterior

Finish Type: Matte

Size: 12 Fl. Oz.


The Rust-Oleum 249340 is formulated to extend the lifespan of your vehicle’s valve cover. Generally, the valve cover faces high temperatures. Thus, wear and tear are frequent. This is a high heat-resistant primer spray paint that can be used on metal surfaces like mufflers, engines, etc. It resists temperature up to 2000° F and restores the valve cover look for many days.

After applying as a base coat on trucks, cars, and other vehicles, rust and corrode can’t build-up on the applied areas. It is easy to apply and doesn’t take much time to dry. Within 30 minutes, the paint dries to the touch. After 60 minutes, it can be top-coated. This means you can complete a valve cover painting project quickly. However, follow the curing instructions meticulously to get the best benefit.

The spraying process is so simple. It can be applied following any-angle spray technology, enabling you to spray it in any direction. Even applying upside down will not be troublesome work. The paint holds well for many days and doesn’t fade away easily. Overall, it creates a uniform seal over metal surfaces and covers 12 sq. ft.


  • It prevents rust and corroding effectively
  • The paint stands up to high temperature
  • No-melting performance
  • Relatively high coverage with 12 sq. ft.
  • Quick-drying time


  • It needs a ridiculous amount of curing to work properly

2# Best for Versatility: DupliColor Engine Paint

Technical Details:

Paint Type: Enamel

Surface Recommendation: Ceramic

Finish Type: High Gloss

Full Cure Time: 1 Hour

Item Volume: 12 Fluid Ounces


For anyone who wants to invest in decent quality paint for the valve cover, exhaust pipe or engine, the Duplicolor Engine Paint will be an ideal solution. It contains ceramic resins, offering maximum gloss retention and heat dissipation. You can also apply it on a wide range of surfaces like grills, radiators or other heated items within the temperature range.

This protective paint offers maximum heat resistance of 500°F. It is impressively effective in providing superior protection from automotive fluids and excessive heat exposure. Moreover, it leaves a superior finish that will not crack, blister, peel or flake. Furthermore, rust or corrode can’t build up after applying it to the valve cover. In fact, it is designed to give the highest protection to the valve cover.

It is incredibly effortless to apply when it comes to the application process. The container is manufactured with EZ Touch Conical Nozzle. This type of design facilitates the spraying process, increasing the user’s efficiency. It dries to the touch within half an hour, and the paint can be handled after one hour. In addition, the paint offers good coverage, making it cost-efficient.


  • Withstands heat up to 500° F
  • Resistant to oil, fluid, rust, corrode, crack, peel, blister, etc
  • Ideal for the valve cover, engine blocks and other accessories
  • Guarantees high gloss retention
  • Designed with a conical nozzle


  • Not water resistant

3# Best for Ease of Use: VHT Spray Paint Auto Car Valve Cover

Technical Details:

Paint Type: Spray

Surface Recommendation: Metal

Item Volume: 11 Fluid Ounce

Color: Red


All valve cover paint doesn’t come with a smooth and even texture. A few paints are available with exceptional wrinkle texture, and the VHT Spray Paint Auto Car Valve Cover will offer you such a wrinkled texture. This well-blended paint delivers a custom look for metal surfaces, including aluminum with a unique wrinkled texture. Overall, it brings a strong appearance.

The valve cover paint has to be heat resistant, and this paint is also no exception. It withstands an extreme heated temperature of 350° F. It serves well in all departments of a vehicle, such as engines, radiators, etc., along with the valve cover. Additionally, the product resists chemicals, which means you can be assured that your valve cover will never get rusted or corroded.

Besides, the paint doesn’t fade easily, protecting the valve cover from harsh weather. Good adhesion depends on the appropriate curing process. Make sure to clean the valve cover surface properly before applying it. You will love to know that it performs as both primer and paint, which dries to the touch within 30 minutes. Moreover, it takes 24 hours to dry completely.


  • It leaves a unique wrinkled texture
  • Excellent in resisting heat and chemical
  • Delivers consistent performance on all vehicle parts
  • Extremely durable with high heat resistant characteristics
  • It consists of both primer and paint coating system


  • Vapors may cause

4# Best for Durability: Dupli-Color EDE160107 DE1601 Engine Paint

Technical Details:

Paint Type: Enamel, Oil

Surface Recommendation: Ceramic

Finish Type: High Gloss

Item Volume: 12 Fluid Ounces

Full Cure Time: 1 Hour


No other valve cover paint can beat the Dupli-Color EDE160107 DE1601 Engine Paint in terms of value. With 500° F of heat resistant capability, it is an ideal choice for most under-hood applications. It features a durable ceramic formulation, providing a high gloss finish. Moreover, spray application becomes a breeze due to the EZ touch conical nozzle. Quick-drying time is also another impressive feature for your next joy ride.

Since it is enamel-based paint, you can also use it for covering other metal surfaces, making it a versatile valve cover paint. In order to get the best result, it is advisable to cure it properly with heat. This amazingly durable paint doesn’t peel, blister, crack or flake. For this reason, many automotive enthusiasts prefer it to use on the engine, radiator, exhaust pipes, etc.

The formula is protective and restorative, eliminating paint chipping. Color retention is another worth-mentioning factor that makes It exceptional from its rivals. Dupli-Color protects valve cover from rust and corrosion, increasing overall longevity. Coverage capacity will also satisfy you most, which is enough to apply on valve cover with 2 coats.


  • Ideal for most engine applications
  • Quick-dry formula
  • EZ touch nozzle for easy spraying
  • Covers different metal surfaces
  • Well-blended and holds for a long time


  • It tends to wrinkle a bit if more than 3 coat is applied

5# Best Rust-resistant Valve Cover Paint: VHT SP204 Valve Cover Wrinkle Plus Coating

Technical Details:

Finish Type: Wrinkle Finish

Item Volume: 11 Fluid Ounces

Cure Time: 30 minutes

Surface Recommendation: Metal


The VHT SP204 Wrinkle Plus Coating offers versatility beyond valve cover. It is usable on all types of metals, vehicle engines, radiators, exhaust pipes, etc. More importantly, this paint is capable of withstanding 350° F temperature. This way, it doesn’t melt when contacted with high heat. At the same time, it will not crack, peel or lift.

You don’t have to sweat while applying it for its super easy-to-apply formula. It is efficient enough in hiding spots that have started to rust, but the best result is confirmed when you clean the surface before applying. You can also apply another product as a topcoat. It will prevent further corrosion buildup of the fresh paint.

Additionally, this paint resists chemicals and fluids quite effectively. The coat of the paint is a combination of strong colors and a classic wrinkle texture, leaving a durable look. After applying, cure the paint by providing enough heat to ensure the best outcome. One important note to remember, cleaning and degreasing the part will give the most durable finish.


  • 30 minutes curing time and 24 hours drying time
  • Durable and relatively high temp-resistant
  • Leaves an extremely attractive finish
  • Easy to use
  • Wrinkle finish texture coating


  • Don’t use it in your garage without some good ventilation

6# Best for Coverage Capacity: VHT ESP135007 Engine Enamel Paint

Technical Details:

Paint Type: Enamel

Item Volume: 11 Fluid Ounces

Cure Time: 30 minutes

Surface Recommendation: Metal


If you need to paint your vehicle’s valve cover, you can’t go wrong with the VHT ESP135007 Engine Enamel Paint. This valve cover paint is an exceptional combo of ceramic resins and urethane, leaving a durable finish over the engine, exhaust pipes or other engine accessories. Simultaneously, it creates a durable chemical and heat resistant finish wherever required. Amazingly, it is super smooth to apply, and the nozzle tip is never clogged.

It is known as high-performance paint, providing ultimate protection and quality against rust and corroding. The paint doesn’t take much time to come and dries to touch condition; only 30 minutes is sufficient. Moreover, within 24 hours, it dries completely. Once it is cured perfectly with high heat. The enamel delivers the best result. Follow the curing process instructions printed in the can.

The colors are carefully formulated to give a long-lasting performance. For its unique formulation, it has extended staying power on engines, valve covers, etc., without cracking, peeling, blistering, and many more. In addition, it gives you maximum coverage to minimize having to apply multiple coats of paint. Polish out the final coat and achieve a smooth, glossy surface.


  • Easy to use spray paint can
  • Features high-temperature resistance
  • Offers additional protection from rust, salt, corrosion, gasoline, etc.
  • Boast a long-lasting finish
  • The spray nozzle is engineered to work from any angle


  • Spray it in a well-ventilated area


Buying Guide – How to Buy the Best One

Here we shared some of the important factors you should keep in mind when surfing for the best paint for valve cover.

Let’s have an in-depth look at the factors.

Heat Resistant

Most valve cover paint has a heat-resistant feature minimum of 350° F. A paint with 500° F is a good option for your vehicle valve cover. While some paints are available with a 2000° F heat resistant capacity.

Excessive heating can lead the valve cover to substantial damage. So, it is significantly important to keep the valve cover fresh as much as possible. In this case, good quality valve cover paint can ensure that the valve cover emits heat quickly.

Thus, if the valve cover heats up, it will cool down quickly, eliminating the risk of unwanted incidents.

Rust Resistant

Rust or corrosion is one of the biggest problems of the valve cover, which is unacceptable in terms of its health. When the valve covers damages, you will have to pay extra to get the rust cleaned. On the other hand, rust can damage the other parts of an engine, and an owner may need to replace the whole engine, which is an expensive decision indeed.

Applying the best paint for the valve cover is the best solution in such a situation. This paint will keep rust and corroding away from the valve cover. Also, salt can’t build-up due to valve cover paint. It ensures no corrosion in the valve cover, and danger ends here.

Quick Drying

One of the biggest disadvantages of conventional valve cover paints is that they take a long time to dry. Dust particles can stick to the color during the long drying time.

For this reason, look for a paint that dries quickly. The good news is that; the cure time of a standard valve cover paint is 30 minutes when heat is provided. This way, dust or other tiny particles can’t stick to the color and quality of the paint retained.


You should consider a valve cover paint to be the best for an easy-to-apply feature.

Earlier, valve cover paints were applied using a bucket and roller. Those paints took taking a long time to paint and dry.

But now, good quality valve cover paints are available in a spray bottle or can. It helps an amateur to apply paint easily on the valve cover. Your fingers will get less dirty, and using a brush or roller becomes unnecessary. Simply press the nozzle, and the bottle will do the rest.


How to Paint a Valve Cover?

Although most vehicle owners don’t even think of painting valve covers, it is beneficial for your vehicle. Applying paint over the valve cover is not challenging. You can do it effortlessly by following the below simple steps.

Required Items:

  • Sandpaper
  • Metal brush
  • Plastic storage box
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Decals
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Paint stripper

Step 01: Gather Knowledge About Your Vehicles Valve Cover

Valve covers design and shape are not the same for all vehicles. Moreover, the installation process varies based on the vehicle. Learn about your vehicle’s valve cover and its removal process to paint it by reading the manufacturer manual.

Step 02: Dismantle the Valve Cover

While removing the valve cover, check whether your vehicle has spark plug holes. If yes, put labels on each of the spark plug wires. Then pull the wires from the valve cover. If you don’t do so, you will probably forget which wire goes where. Now, dismantle the valve cover from the vehicle.

Step 03: Prepare the Valve Cover for Painting

Cleaning the valve cover before painting is necessary as well as preparing the paint. Get a sandpaper or paint stripper to remove rust, corroded or old paint. Preparing is really important as ChrisFix described it in his channel.

Spray the paint stripper and leave it for a few minutes. Then use a metal wire brush to eliminate the bumbled-up paint. Scrub the surface with sandpaper if the paint is still left on the valve cover. Then wash it with a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Get masking tape and attach them to the areas where you don’t want to spray paint.

You can also use isopropyl alcohol to clean all the oil and grease from the valve cover Thoroughly.

Step 04: Apply Primer

Apply 2 coats of primer on the valve cover’s clean surface. Between the coat, leave the primer for a few minutes to dry. After applying the first coat of primer, shield the valve cover using a plastic storage bag. This way, dirt or dust can’t stick to the primer.

Step 05: Start Painting the Valve Cover

Painting a valve cover is not as easy as it seems. However, you don’t have to be a professional and know a particular set of skills to apply paint on the valve cover.

You must choose the paint that has high heat-resistant features. While spraying, maintain a consistent height. Otherwise, you will end up with an inconsistent pattern.

Don’t apply paint too quickly or too slowly. The faster application will give you light coverage. On the other hand, you will get too much paint if you go too slowly.

After applying the first coat:

  1. Leave it for half an hour for curing. You can use a heat gun to cure the paint or start the vehicle, and engine heat will cure the paint.
  2. After 30 minutes, apply the 2nd coat.
  3. If required, apply a 3rd coat but ensure to cure the paint.

Make the last coat a little bit thicker. Once you are satisfied with the coat, leave the paint for 24 hours to dry.

You are done!


Frequently Asked Question

Is it easy to paint a plastic valve cover?

Painting plastic valve covers is tricky for their porous surface, but it is possible. You need to use a specially formulated primer on the plastic valve cover before applying the paint. These primers will help the paint to stick to the plastic.

Are engine enamel paints compatible with valve covers?

Yes, engine enamel paints are compatible with valve covers. In fact, engine enamel paints are designed for under-hood accessories of a vehicle. More importantly, these paints are heat-resistant, protecting the paint from peeling or cracking due to excessive heat.


Wrapping Up and Top Pick

In modern times, fast cars and contemporary looks are the trends; the paint for valve cover will keep up your reputation by providing it an eye-catching look and you can remove the color for painting the trendy one. These paints will create a protective layer, keeping the valve cover safe and durable.

Our top pick is the Rust-Oleum 249340 Automotive High Heat Primer Spray Paint for the best paint for valve cover. This oil-based paint has incredible heat-resistant characteristics up to 2000° F. Moreover, after applying the paint, no rust or corrosion can build-up, ensuring the longevity of the valve cover. You can also use it for engine blocks, head pipes, mufflers, etc.